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GLOBETROTTER is an up and coming TV channel watched by 1.7 MILLION VIEWERS PER MONTH, predominantly ABC1 skewing towards upper-income homeowner, 55% male, typically aged 55+.

Get your brand in front of our viewing audience and embrace television advertising as, after all, according to independent research TV drives the largest short-term profit at the highest efficiency. In the long term, 72% of advertising campaigns create profit. During the short term 70% of TV advertising campaigns deliver a profitable return. During the 3 years after ad campaigns finish, this increases to 86% of TV advertising campaigns delivering a profitable return.

Campaigns start from as little as £1,000 which gives a spread of 100 x 30 second adverts per month, each expertly placed in our schedule to provide maximum exposure. Of course ROI is linking to the strength, size and length of your campaign and most businesses can see a much higher return on longer campaigns with more impressions. Our most popular starting campaign is a spend of £2,500 and includes 250 advertisements spread throughout a month.

We also throw in some web and social media advertising as part of our own investment into your campaign. This initial exposure is designed to increase brand identity, drive traffic to your website, increase consumer demand and brand loyalty in the UK. We are confident that upon seeing how effective TV advertising can be that you will become long term clients, enjoying preferential rates.

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A 30 second advert made for Serbia. Serbia asked for an advertising campaign to accompany the playout of a series we were making and so of course, we were happy to accommodate.

As well as being a television channel, GLOBETROTTER TELEVISION is also an Independent Television Production Company.

As such, we work closely with all our advertisers and are able to create an ad campaign, from scripting to transmission far more cost effectively than any other agency.

Whilst most agencies charge far more than necessary for production and airtime as they often have to farm work out to other parties; we are able to offer you a far bigger campaign to suit your budget, and complete transparency in relation to costs.

If you would like us to create a 30 second commercial, your airtime is provided free of charge, and as discussed we would also like to produce a high-quality TV commercial to represent your brand in an effective campaign.

We know that when this TV campaign is successful, you will come back again and again; and as next time your commercial would already have been made, the only cost will be airtime for future campaigns, for which we can continue to offer competitive rates.

Our advertising production package starts at £6,000 and your production budget can be fixed in advance, so that when it comes to presenting you with creative concepts, we will develop concepts with your chosen production budget in mind.

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