Four Seasons of Greece

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Join the ‘Pocket Chef’ Christina Bridge, and friends, as they explore Greece and her islands on a year-round quest. As one of the oldest civilisations in the world, it’s a fantastically diverse country, from the bustling streets of Athens, to the tiniest island villages.

Get to see the true heart of this proud nation, meet the people, and discover age-old customs and traditions. We’ll see the amazing culture, history, landscapes and cuisine of this eclectic land, have a go at crafts that have been handed down through the generations, and learn how to produce some delicious local dishes.

Four Seasons of Greece – Episode 1 Sifnos

Join ‘Pocket Chef’ Christina Bridge, with her trusty sidekick’s Nickolas and Vlad, as the embark on an epic adventure travelling the length and breadth of of Greece and her islands.

Their year-round tour begins on the small Cycladean island of Sifnos, where it’s late summer, and everyone is preparing for the annual food festival.

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