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As the saying goes, ‘If you really want to know about a place, ask a local.’ There’s no better way to find those amazing little places that only they would know. Find the best backstreet restaurants, and secret beauty spots. Discover the customs, cuisine, and characters. See the world from a whole new perspective – an Insiders World.

If you’re walking through an unfamiliar town, in a foreign country, looking for a good place to eat, where should you choose? The glitzy restaurant on the main square which all the tourists are frequenting? Or the quaint, atmospheric backstreet eatery that is busy with locals? Well if you want the kind of common café comfort fare at extortionate prices, then head to the main square, but for that truly authentic regional taste – the locals are the experts!

And it’s not just about the food. They’ll know the perfect places to stay, the friendliest bars, the prettiest side streets and the most intriguing places of interest. They can take you to spectacular vantage points, tell you the history, and introduce you to the most colourful local characters.

So come with us, as we dump the guide books, and put our trust in those that live and know their regions best, and discover the world in a whole new way – and Insider’s World.


Basic Programme Outline

Each episode will begin with the presenter introducing this episode’s destination, as they head to meet their host. The host (or in some cases hosts) will be locals who know and love their town or region, and delight in sharing that passion with enthusiastic visitors.

After a brief initial tour to introduce the presenter to the destination, the host will take them to a typical local bar or cafe to try some equally typical local food and drink. They will chat over this interlude to learn a bit more about the location, and highlight the places they will be seeing.

We will then follow them as they begin their exploration, delving into both the principal sights, and those that perhaps only the locals would know. They will encounter a number of colourful characters to chat to along the way, further enhancing the regional input.

The exact style and nature of the ‘tour’ in each episode will depend very much on the destination for that episode, but of course the prime focus will be on that ‘insiders’ point of view.

Most episodes will conclude with a final gathering of the presenter, the host, and some friends or family. This could be in a bar, restaurant, family home, or even an event… but it will be here that the presenter sums up the visits, thanks the host(s), and says his goodbyes. We will then get a final few words of conclusion from the presenter, as he walks away.

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