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As part of it’s commitment to supporting the travel industry, Globetrotter Television regularly works in partnership with destinations, travel providers, hotels, resorts and other organisations who benefit from having their product included in our programming.

From major tourism authorities such as brand USA, and the Philippines Tourism Promotion Board, to airlines like Norwegian and WOW Air, and smaller resorts, tour companies and activity providers, we have given an opportunity to gain significant television exposure to our growing audience.

If you are interested in getting television coverage for your destination or product, of course the best thing to do is simply get in touch, as every case is different, and we can tailor things to your precise needs. However, in simple terms there are three main ways we can work with you:



Particularly suited to destinations and larger organisations, we can work with you on either whole episodes, or a full series, to give maximum exposure by way of a fully presented travel programme or series. We can guarantee UK television broadcast, and the coverage would be repeated regularly for a number of years.

Take a look at our existing programmes such as ‘Its More Fun in the Philippines’, ‘Escape to Paradise’, or ‘Ellen’s Texas Adventure’ to get an insight into how these formats could work for you.

Product Placement

If you have a product that you think would fit well in one or more of our programmes, then this could benefit from our product placement options. It could be obvious travel products such as hotels, tourist attractions, airlines or ferries, but could also include more subtle items such as car hire, travel clothing, luggage, or other items and services.

We can discuss the best type of programme to include them in, and the way in which you would like them featured. We have to work within Ofcom regulations, of course, but as you will see from any of our existing programmes, there are many ways we can arrange inclusion.


All of our options are flexible, so feel free to call us and suggest how you think your product would best be featured. Terms and conditions apply, of course, as do UK broadcast regulations, but we have many years’ experience of working with the travel industry worldwide, and have a long list of successful partnerships from which to draw solutions.

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