The Bucket List

Conceptual & Planning Stage

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  • Genre – Factual Entertainment

  • Length – 12 x 24 Minute Episodes

Everyone has somewhere special they’ve always wanted to go. And we’re no different. Join the Globetrotter team as they get the chance to visit places on their own bucket list. Are they as good as they dreamed about? Was it worth the wait? Come with us, as they find out.

It could be a paradise beach on a tropical island, or perhaps a magical trip to see the Northern Lights. Maybe a dawn safari in the Serengeti is more your style? We all have a list of dream destinations that we’d love to visit if we ever have the chance. But when that opportunity comes along, how well does the reality live up to that dream?

The Globetrotter TV team of presenters are no different to everyone else… they too have a long list of places they would love to visit. This series will give them that chance, and follow them as they finally get to see those destinations with their own eyes. Some will live out adventures dreamt about since childhood, others will visit that special place that first inspired them to want to travel.

All will have one thing in common, though – making a dream come true!

bucket list
bucket list

Basic Programme Outline

Each episode will begin with the presenter chatting about his bucket list, and outlining why the particular destination we are heading to is so special to them. They will talk about what they are expecting, and any aspects that will make it really live up to the dream.

On arrival we will capture the emotion of those first impressions, before beginning a more detailed look at the destination as the presenter begins to explore. Throughout their trip they will sample the best food, an ideal place to stay, and invigoration activities.

We’ll be hearing the presenter’s thoughts and emotions as they really get to know their destination, as well as hearing from locals about their feelings on the place they live. It will all be presented in an almost magical, no-expenses-spared way, to add to the ambience of realising a dream.

At the end of the stay the presenter will give a summary of their trip, and especially if it lived up to their long held desires to come here, before saying an emotional goodbye, as we see them cross the destination off their bucket list.

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