Independent travel takes many forms, from backpackers and gap year travellers, to those who just prefer to get away from the crowds and explore alone. If you like to travel in a less conventional way, and love having the freedom to just do your own thing, then this is the show for you!

It can be a wonderful feeling of freedom to decide not only exactly where you want to go, and when, but also how long you spend at places, and even when it’s time for a rest. Our intrepid solo explorers will travel the globe, discovering cities, coastlines, mountains, and deserts.

Whether it’s hiking in the Alps, or taking a bus across Africa, there’s an enduring sense of adventure to travelling alone in an unfamiliar country.

With no fixed plans or deadlines, you’re free to roam at your own pace, or sit in a local cafe chatting to the locals. Go where you want to go, without feeling guilty if you get sidetracked. This is the ultimate way to experience all that’s best across the planet, and you have an invitation to come with us, and join the Independent Traveller.

The Independent Traveller

Basic Programme Outline

Each episode begins with the presenter setting off at the start of their journey, and giving a general outline of the trip ahead. This will not be in great detail, as the point is that they will be free and flexible, so the presenter can also introduce an element of ‘maybe I’ll do this, or maybe I’ll do that’.

That air of freedom and flexibility will be maintained as the trip progresses, and chats to local people and other travellers along the way will be seen to help decide the exact progression of the journey. Places to eat and stay will be featured, as well as prime places of interest along the way, but also a sense of place to give the viewer a feeling of becoming part of this journey.

They will often undertake activities along the way, interact with locals, and discover stories and anecdotes about the location. The episode will end as we see the presenter arrive at the final destination, summarise the journey, and thank the viewer for joining them.

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