Jade and Crisi live to perform, but a chance of a dream role in Italy is out of the question for Crisi, because of her fear of flying.

That is until best friend Jade borrows her uncle’s ageing replica Cobra kit car, and offers to drive her. What follows is an exciting, emotional, adventurous journey of discovery, as they drive across Europe.

See them undertake all manner of bizarre jobs along the way, try their hand at cooking local cuisine, and have a go at some amazing activities. But will the car, and the girl’s friendship, last the journey? And will Crisi get the role?

Two Girls and a Kit Car – Episode 1

A little teaser into the great series that lies ahead. Jade borrows her uncles ageing Cobra kit car, and sets off with best friend Crisi for the long drive to Italy, and the dream audition.

No sooner are they over the Channel, than the adventures begin, and the girls head to a pretty French river to try their hand at canoeing… with mixed results!

But they need to work for their living too, and Jade’s uncle Alan has lined up some interesting jobs for them… let the laughter begin!

And you can see the full series this summer on Globetrotter.

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